I’m going to Rehab…


rehabThis summer, I’m going to Rehab.  I’m going to ride my bike to the point that the habit becomes an addiction, and to fuel the addiction, I am going to use Rehab from CarboRocket.  Chocolate Coconut or Capuccino, I don’t care which, they both sound amazing.  Despite some snow in Colorado last weekend (8″ actually) I told myself I would ride my bike everyday – even if that was for 5 minutes in the garage.  So far, so good.  I rode in the snow with my 2 year old son (he loved it) and 3 days later, rode on trails with no snow on my daily commute to work.  The short rides and consistency are starting to fuel the fire again, and hopefully, with some more miles, a little Rehab and some new trails to explore my addiction will come back.


These guys helped sweep the course, had extra supplies for minor mechanicals, gave us an extra layer of safety for medical issues and smiled the entire time.  Dan Ryan and the crew from Central Arizona Mountain Bike Patrol are a class act.  Thanks for the support, communication and dedication in making our trails (and our race) a better, safer place to ride.


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